About us

Welcome to Neduz Designs – Where Art Meets Sustainability

At Neduz Designs, we believe in a world where creativity and sustainability coexist harmoniously. Our store is a vibrant canvas showcasing a diverse range of home decoration products, each telling its own story through vivid themes and artful designs. We embrace color, narratives, and thematic art, offering an alternative to the minimalist trend and catering to those who cherish being surrounded by stories and artistic expression.

Our Thematic Collections – A Journey Through Creativity Our collections are the heartbeat of Neduz Designs. From the explicit charm of our Landscape, Animals, and Humans collections to the subtle allure of our Realms, Era, and Mood series, each theme is a window into a different world. Notably, our Maraheim collection, inspired by a horror project led by our founder Nick Olsson, intertwines the thrilling with the beautiful.

Nick Olsson

Meet Our Founder – Nick Olsson Nick's vision for Neduz Designs goes beyond aesthetic appeal. As an artist and entrepreneur, he is committed to blending artistic innovation with an eco-conscious mindset, ensuring that every creation at Neduz is as kind to the planet as it is to the eye.

Sustainable Commerce – Our Promise to the Planet In our quest to harmonize art with environmental responsibility, we've embraced the Print on Demand method. This approach ensures that we only produce what is needed, reducing waste and eliminating the need for excess inventory. Furthermore, our global network of manufacturers allows us to shorten shipping routes, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

We are continually exploring innovative ways to grow our business sustainably. Our mission is not just to create beautiful products but to do so in a way that respects and preserves our planet for future generations.

Join Our Journey As we continue to expand our collection, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable. They inspire us to explore new themes and improve our sustainable practices.

Explore our store, immerse yourself in our thematic world, and join us in our commitment to creativity and sustainability. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates and inspirations.

Together, let's make the world more beautiful, one sustainable design at a time.


The Neduz Designs Team